Bioware Fanfic List

First, the shortcuts to the various universes my imagination inhabits. You can skip more of my blather that way.
Dragon Age Fanfic
Mass Effect Fanfic
Star Wars: The Old Republic Fanfic

It’s my intent to begin creating e-books of my finished pieces, one for Dragon Age and another for Mass Effect, to post for (obviously free) download. When/if I ever get that far I’ll post links here for where you can find them. This will, of course, require me to finish some of my longer pieces.

Dragon Age and Mass Effect have captured my imagination like no other fictional universes. The quality of the writing, animation, and voice acting make BioWare's games interactive movies that suck me in every time I play again.

But BioWare leans toward the dark and dramatic. Sometimes I feel the need to put what isn’t in the game to rights, either a conversation that didn’t happen or a completely new take on the same story. These are the results.  Most links below take you to pages that include a better description of the respective stories and where the various chapters are listed and linked so that you can read them in order or skip to the newest installments.

Several of the stories below are yet unfinished (marked with an asterisk) but I promise not to abandon them entirely. For the shorter stories, I’ve added links here. The long fanfics have their own pages, linked to the story names below. Those pages provide much more description about the individual tales and include the full list of available chapters.

Mass Effect Fanfics: Commander Shepard captures the imagination in the Mass Effect universe, which pretty well does revolve around her. The series allows enough role playing that you can reinvent a new Shepard for every game and come at the character—and her lovers—from many different angles. I meant that only half as dirty as it sounds.

The Commander Takes a Shower (Mass Effect 2, Kaidan-Shepard, Post-Horizon rewrite, this link takes you to a page with more description and links to the various sections.)

Confirmation (A one-shot Kaidan-Shepard scene in which Kaidan seeks some important clarification in Mass Effect 3. A wee bit of angst surrounded by fluff.)

The Double* (Mass Effect 2 novelization, a Kaidan-Shepard Comic Space Opera at Shocking Length, featuring intrigue and innuendo, Shenko snuggles and shenanigans.)

Kaidan Learns a New Trick (Utterly NSFW and unsuitable for anyone under the age of eighteen. This is my version of Shepard and Kaidan's night before they tackle Cerberus HQ in ME3.)

Longing (My first guest post from AcidQueen. This is an 18+ one-shot that she describes thus: "Kaidan is forced by circumstance to take matters into his own hands...or so he thinks. Set partway between the Udina Coup and the assault on the Cerberus base (Mass Effect 3).")

Losing (Mass Effect 2 rewrite, Shepard/Thane Melodrama.  This link takes you to the page with more description and chapter links.)

Out on Patrol (Mass Effect,Shepard/Kaidan One-Shot on Virmire)

A Place Among Friends (Kaidan one-shot, pre-Mass Effect, how he decides to join the Alliance)

Shepard’s Punishment (Shepard/Kaidan One-Shot, Post-Mass Effect 2, in two parts)
A Slow Resolution (Mass Effect 3 one-shot, an overview of how Shepard and Kaidan resolve their distrust.)

The Swing of Things* (Kaidan, Anderson, Joker, and others, Pre-Mass Effect, no Shepard)

Tactical Retreat* (The beginning of Mass Effect 3 with some actual emotion from Shepard and a consideration of why Vega is suddenly her best friend.)
Dragon Age Fanfics: With that wonderful extended period between plot, a Dragon Age fan has a lot of room to roam in fiction. Whether it’s the long walks across Ferelden in Origins, the three-year gaps in DA2, or the unexplored spaces around Awakening, there’s always one more moment you can squeeze in between your favorite characters.

The Champion’s Side* (Dragon Age 2, Hawke/Fenris mostly and melodrama from the start)

Dearest Alistair (Dragon Age: Origins One-Shot, Lady Aeducan/Alistair, tongue-in-cheek angst.)

Encircled* (An exploration of Anders' story through the Dragon Age games. This may change to Building Vengeance. I haven't decided on the title yet nor have I started writing much so it may never happen. If you want to know my image of young Anders, take a look at Silence Gives Constent below in the Prompt Response category.)

Frustrations (Dragon Age: Awakenings, Aeducan/Anders Angst in eleven chapters)

Mythal's Sorrow (Dragon Age: Inquisition, a brief exploration of how Abelas deals with the loss of his final duty and how he finds a way to move forward.  No pairings, mostly angst.  Part one is linked and three more will follow.)
Prompt Responses: Various Writing Prompts from Bioware Groups
  • Anders in Song (This one isn't really a fic, just an image that a particular songs brings to mind.)
  • At the Beach (A Dragon Age 2 one-shot in which Hawke and Anders trying to beat the heat. There's nothing graphic in this one so you'll have to use your imagination.)
  • Betting on Myself (A Sebastian/Hawke one-shot from a Dragon Age 2 alternate universe in which our naughty hero behaves most poorly.)
  • Damping the Fire (Damping the Fire – Dragon Age 2 beginning at the end of the three-year hiatus between Act 1 and Act 2 with Hawke/Justice that changes to Dom!Anders/Hawke. This started with a Dragon Age Kinkmeme prompt and then got hijacked by plot bunnies and ran off with itself. It went from a quick-and-dirty idea to a full-blown novelette complete with backstories and character development. I’ve been beating it into submission for a year and still haven’t managed to finish the plot or the massive amounts of explicit pron. At the moment we’re at about 60,000 words, with the beginning and the end finished but some ragged ends of the story remain in the middle. I’ll start posting chunks sometime in early 2015.)
  • Delirious (Hawke's got a nasty fever and Anders tries to help.)
  • Disaster! (FabulAnders gets dramatic after a battle.)
  • Misguided (Anders/Justice - not a pairing, you fruitcake - debating whether Anders is allowed to go over to Hawke's house to play)
  • Relief (Anders and his thoughts as he sits on that crate)
  • Silence Gives Consent (Have you ever wondered just how young Anders kept escaping from the tower? Silence, please, as he reveals his greatest trick!)
Questions: A Series of Dialogue Drabbles that Could Have Happened
Transmutation* ((Cullen's back story, from pre-Origins through Dragon Age 2 and possible into Inquisition. This one is knee-deep in drama and an exploration of how Cullen ended up the only one imprisoned there. Eventually we’ll get him out of that cage and on to better things. Happily, nothing he's said in DA:Inquisition has contradicted his personality here.)

Star Wars: The Old Republic Fanfic:

An Awkward Proposition (My first SWTOR fanfic, a one-shot surrounding the smuggler's reaction to Corso Riggs proposing marriage.)
A Pilot's Best Friend (A conversation between the smuggler and Corso about inconvenient calls of nature, an excuse for her to tease him.)