The Muse’s Grieving Process

I’m having a tough time making progress on any writing lately. In part it’s because I haven’t been playing Mass Effect or Dragon Age but the worlds in which my stories live don’t necessarily depend on much input from the games themselves. In part my lack of motivation rests in being terribly busy during the time of day when I traditionally write. But the biggest part of my muse’s sleepiness comes from my investment in SWTOR.

On top of the lack of inspiration I’m getting from the story lines, though they’re interesting enough in their own right, I managed to destroy the jump drive on which all of my stories (and posts for my other blogs) live. I backed up the files recently enough that I don’t feel I’ve lost much, if any, content but it means that I cannot work on new chapters (or finishing the ones in the middle of which I’m paused) when I normally do until I replace it.

All of which is meant to be an apology for the lack of progress on any story lines and an explanation of my utter neglect of Just a BioWare Fan in general. I’ve been carrying that little piece of plastic around with me for three years and it surprises me how attached to it I had become. I’d hoped a couple of days drying time would bring it back to life but, alas, it remains an inert lump that no computer will deign to recognize.

Take this as a cautionary tale to clear your pockets well, no matter how little you normally use them, when doing your laundry. And take it, as well, as a promise that I’ll finish grieving and replacing my old jump drive and continue my on-going stories soon. I also have a long-promised new on almost to a point where I’m ready to start posting it. I’ve been anti-angst of late and that one’s awash with it so it’s taken me much longer than intended to actually write the thing.

As ever, I’ll have more one-shots and drabbles as well. I haven’t even downloaded the extended ending for ME3, yet, so hopefully that will spur something. I have updated my Mass Effect-related music list recently and have another short piece almost ready to post, if I can ruthlessly slice its puffery to ratchet up the intended tension. There’s also another naughty bit of Shenko play time ready to go one of these days. If you’ve any questions, suggestions, or prompts I am, as ever, wide open to them.