Questions: Hawke and Sebastian

Hawke: Was Andraste a virgin?

Sebastian: No, of course not, Hawke. She was married to Maferath before the Maker came to her.

Hawke: And after she became the Bride of the Maker, did she abandon that marriage?

Sebastian (as if reciting a lesson): The Chant teaches that Maferath continued to fight at her side until he became jealous of her sweeping success in battle and in winning the hearts and minds of all she conquered.

Hawke: Do you suppose she remained chaste, then, as she and her husband fought their way across Thedas? Did they sleep in separate tents?

Sebastian (chuckling): I’ve no idea, Hawke, but you must remember that she had two husbands at that time. The Maker would never feel jealous of any mortal but I imagine Andraste gained much spiritual satisfaction from communing with him.

Hawke (raises eyebrow): Spiritual?

Sebastian (full laugh, light blush): Yes, Hawke, spiritual. I wonder if that closeness with the Maker didn’t play a part in her human husband turning on her. It does seem an unfair advantage in a commander and what man can compete with the glory of the Maker?

Hawke: So you believe that Andraste and Maferath remained married in name only and no longer…shared a bedroll, once the Maker entered the picture?

Sebastian (considering): Yes. History does not tell us specifically but it seems to make sense.

Hawke: And it’s based on this supposition that all Chantry brothers and sisters take vows of chastity?

Sebastian: I’ve never really asked. I suppose it might be as much to prevent conflict among so many sharing close quarters.

Hawke: As much to keep the Brothers and Sisters off each other as because Andraste stopped sleeping with her husband?

Sebastian (uneasy laugh): Where are you going with this, Hawke?

Hawke (innocently): Oh, nowhere. Just making conversation.


Hawke: Why do you say my name so often when we’re talking?

Sebastian: I…what do you mean, Haw…ahem. I need to spend some time in quiet contemplation, Hawke. As always, you’ve given me much to think about.

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