The Double

Commander Shepard flits about the galaxy, harboring a double agent and lot of secrets on her brand new Normandy. Can she use the machinations of Cerberus to save humanity while fending off a crew of rabid fans and unraveling the secrets of those keeping her in the dark? This is a Mass Effect 2 alternate universe story and includes lots of high jinks and shenanigans. It also includes piles of Kaidan fluff, misunderstandings, and goofy code names.

I'm in the midst of writing Chapter 49 and have planned out at least six more, some of which I've written. I'm working on a novelized layout of the whole mess and I'll link it here as a .pdf file and/or offer it as a free e-book on Amazon if I can figure out how to do it. That won't happen until I finish and edit the living snot out of the story, of course! If you have questions, suggestions, or points of contention please do bring them to my attention!

Chapter 1 - Introductions
Chapter 2 - The Love Boat
Chapter 3 - Something Old, Something New
Chapter 4 – Take Two of These and Call Me from Orbit
Chapter 5 – Jumpus Interruptus
Chapter 6 – Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety Jog
Chapter 7 – Everything Old Is New Again
Chapter 8 – Evasive Maneuvers
Chapter 9 – Raising the Specter of a Spectre
Chapter 10 – The Game’s Afoot
Chapter 11 - And Baby Makes Three
Chapter 12 - Good, Clean Fun
Chapter 13 - A Storm on the Horizon
Chapter 14 - Ooh, That's Gotta Hurt
Chapter 15 - Getting to Know You
Chapter 16 - Who Did What to Whom, now with 100% more Kaidan than fourteen other chapters!
Chapter 17 - Accommodations, now with 110% more fluff that the entire first sixteen chapters!
Chapter 18 - Oh, for the Love of..., including some sheer relief for our erstwhile heroine
Chapter 19 - Tall, Green, and Handsome
Chapter 20 - Doesn't Everyone Live by a Code?
Chapter 21 - The Sins of the Father
Chapter 22 - 'Round and 'Round She Goes (This one has a soundtrack: Ferris Wheel.)
Chapter 23 - Back in the Saddle Again
Chapter 24 - Surprise, Surprise, Surprise
Chapter 25 - Fool Me Once, Shame on You
Chapter 26 - Everybody Wants Some
Chapter 27 - Doing the Right Thing
Chapter 28 - Like Father, Like Son...or Not
Chapter 29 - Ups and Downs
Chapter 30 - Put That Thing Away in which Garrus gets carried away
Chapter 31 - Once Upon a Time in which we say goodbye to the SR-1
Chapter 32 - Old Friends, New Problems
Chapter 33 - Rites and Wrongs
Chapter 34 - Fire and Regrets
Chapter 35 - A Rebellious Pupil
Chapter 36 - Dead but Maybe Not Gone
Chapter 37 - Checking In
Chapter 38 - Who Was that Masked Man? (Kaidan, of course!)
Chapter 39 - I Could Have Danced All Night
Chapter 40 - A Quarian in Need Is a Friend Indeed
Chapter 41 - Fast Friends
Chapter 42 - All Dressed Up and Somewhere to Go
Chapter 43 - Daddy Knows Best? (I'm really unhappy with this one so it WILL get re-written but I can't get past it if I don't post it. If you're not too interested in Jacob's loyalty mission you can go ahead and skip this one.)
Chapter 44 - The Sins of the Mother
Chapter 45 - Turns of Events
Chapter 46 - Some Powerful Therapy
Chapter 47 - War of the Words
Chapter 48 - Head Games
Chapter 49 - Some of My Best Friends are Artificial
Chapter 50 - Some Hard Truths
Chapter 51 - Deprogramming the Fanatics
Chapter 52 - Cleaning House
Chapter 53 - Just in Case
And plenty more to come...