The Champion's Side

The story of The Champion of Kirkwall from her perspective. Lady Hawke retells the story of losing her family and building a new one, love and frustrations and demons and all. This is Dragon Age 2 in a slightly different universe, with all of the melodrama and much of the angst of the original.

I’ve simplified some of the story because some of it takes too long to tell and detracts from my interest in what happened between the quests. You already know what happened if you’re reading fanfic, right? This one will be Fenris/Hawke but Anders and Sebastian figure prominently as well.

I realized in preparing to begin the final descent into Meredith’s madness that I’d forgotten a few key points along the way. That means that I’ll be inserting chapters eventually (at the very least new Chapters 9 and 23) and renumbering the whole shebang. I’m having an awfully good time following Hawke and her compatriots around post-Qunari Kirkwall for the moment but I will definitely get to Thrask and Grace and Bartrand eventually. As you know, they matter to the story.

Chapter 1 - A Shining Example
Chapter 2 – Aveline and the Dragon
Chapter 3 – Sheep and Wolves
Chapter 4 – Taking the Low Road
Chapter 5 - Dragons and Demons
Chapter 6 - A Stolen Sister and a Princely Request
Chapter 7 - The Frisky Prude
Chapter 8 - Pirates and Play
Chapter 9 - It's a Trick: Get an Axe
Chapter 10 - Like Déjà Vu All Over Again
Chapter 11 - The Qun Demands
Chapter 12 - Myths, Memories, and Mistakes
Chapter 13 - Betrayal and Temptation
Chapter 14 - Rough Vindication
Chapter 15 - A Plague of Dragons
Chapter 16 - Back and Forth
Chapter 17 - Sudden Reversals
Chapter 18 - Taken by Surprise (This one is NSFW and inappropriate for people under the age of 18.)
Chapter 19 - Confrontation and Dismissal
Chapter 20 - The Mother Returns
Chapter 21 - Fixing the Family
Chapter 22 - Interrupted Investigations
Chapter 23 - Suspects and Evidence
Chapter 24 - A Warrior's Problem
Chapter 25 - Awkwardness
Chapter 26 - All Is Revealed
Chapter 27 - Into the Mouth of Madness
Chapter 28 - Comfort and Compromise
Chapter 29 - Resolutions
Chapter 30 - Secrets and Confrontation
Chapter 31 - Making the Best of It
Chapter 32 - Certain Doom and a Reprieve
Chapter 33 - An Offer from the Arishok
Chapter 34 - We Are the Champion
Chapter 35 - After the Storm
Chapter 36 - Growing Pains
Chapter 37 - Struggles and Striving
Chapter 38 - If Wishes Were Horses
Chapter 39 - Family Matters
And the last years in Kirkwall are still to come.