ME3 Fic: Kaidan Learns a New Trick

It’s time for another NSFW one-shot, dear readers, this one a Mass Effect 3 story. As ever, you young (or shy) folks out there ought not to click to finish the story. Here’s my retelling of the night Kaidan finally gets up the nerve to visit Shepard in her quarters. He knows her well enough to understand that she needs something to take her mind off the next day’s fight and the last few weeks’ horrific events. He’s decided he’s got just the thing.

I was keyed up, pacing my quarters in impatience. We had finally pinned down Cerberus headquarters and, in a matter of hours, would be knocking in TIM’s front door. I could hardly wait to get my hands on the bastard.

Until then I had nothing to do but brood. Fantasies of the hundred ways I could kill the twisted son of a bitch warred with the reasons I wanted to do it in the first place. I owed him more suffering than I could really dish out, not being a morally-bankrupt, sadistic puppet of the Reapers…like he was.

All in all I’d worked myself into quite a mood by the time a knock came at my door. I made a mental note to ask EDI when the hell she changed the elevator access to allow people to arrive unannounced. My unfriendly greeting died on my lips when the door slid open to reveal a rather sheepish-looking Kaidan.

He gestured with the bottle he held, the same one I’d given him as a get-well gift in the hospital. “I thought you could use a drink,” he said. “You get so wound up before a big mission and, well, they don’t get much bigger than this.” In case I was hesitant he brought out the big gun, that little half-smile that dimpled his cheek and demolished all my defenses.

I shook my head as I stepped back and ushered him into the room. “You always did know what I needed,” I said, aware of how it sounded the moment the words left my mouth. Our long, slow return to intimacy had had me chomping at the bit for weeks and everything I said to him had started to sound like a proposition.

Kaidan’s smile deepened as my cheeks warmed. “I still do,” he said. We sat down at right angles on my cushy leather couch. Apparently the Alliance hadn’t gotten around to stripping out all of the luxuries while they’d been militarizing the Normandy. He poured and we sipped, talking about this and that. I calmed slowly and started to wonder if he’d come for more.

As if on cue he took my glass and set both back on the little table. He folded my hands in his and gave me a shy grin. “I didn’t really come for a drink, Shepard.”

My heart leapt, as did a couple of other things. He leaned in to kiss me and I could restrain myself no longer. I shoved him back into the cushions and climbed onto him. My fingers in his hair forced his head back and I kissed him, hard. “Good.”

He chuckled even as I felt him responding to my eagerness. Eyes closed tight, I lost myself in his familiar smell, tinged with the bourbon we’d been drinking. As he moved his lips down to my throat I opened them again to see the blue glow of his power building.

I started to tell him he was leaking when I realized that I could feel it spreading against me, like a thick liquid sliding past the neckline of my shirt. Everywhere it touched, my skin leapt to attention, thrumming and tingling. It poured over my shoulder blades and curled up my neck to stroke behind my ears.

“Whatever else it did to me, the beating I took seems to have made my biotics stronger,” he whispered into my ear. “I have more control than ever.”

The leading edge slid under my belt and down the crack of my ass, gently probing. It spread where I straddled him, tweaking my most delicate places. I gasped at the sensation, the electricity awakening parts that hadn’t seen attention since I’d died. And then it plunged.

I cried out as it swelled into me. If I’d had a control panel all the dials would have been in the red. “It’s…it’s too much, Kaidan,” I protested, even as I ground against him. My breath came in short pulls, every muscle locked tight as the tingling spread down my thighs to tickle the backs of my knees. It throbbed slowly inside me, expanding and contracting and buzzing.

For a moment he wreathed me in his power. The hair on my scalp tried to stand upright. My toes curled at the feel on the soles of my feet. Then the overload receded, swiftly concentrating at my core.

Kaidan held my hips tightly to keep me on his lap while he watched me fuck his biotics, still fully clothed. His eyes devoured my face and my straining body as he pushed me over the edge with his mind, tongues of blue glowing through my shirt where they licked up to tease. He slowed as I caught my breath and then started again, over and over until I begged him to stop.

He pulled his power back entirely with a last whispering caress at my collarbone and I collapsed onto him. I could hardly miss the evidence that he had not yet been satisfied but for the moment I could barely move. From the corner of my eye the bed looked awfully inviting.

“That was for all of the times I couldn’t, Shepard,” he said sadly, pressing his lips to my forehead. “I hope it’s just a start at making up for all the days we were apart, all the time I could have been with you if I’d only trusted you.”

Then he stood, lifting me effortlessly. “I thought I’d never see you like that again.” His brows came together over pleading eyes. “Please, don’t let it be the last time.”

I stroked his cheek and smiled, too touched to answer right away. As he lowered me to the bed I wound my arms around his neck. “It won’t be,” I answered softly before I kissed him again. After a few moments I hauled his shirt over his head. “But first I get a turn.”

He laughed a little as he tumbled down beside me, his forehead smoothing. “Deal.”

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    OMG! That was fantastic! Great job! Wish I'd have thought of that while playing the game! Keep them coming please!

    iremojllah on BSN
    mitzi7494 on origin

    Thanks! I've got another that I'm saving until some more G-rated content has passed but it's not from ME3. You can't beat good Shenko. :D

    ...I'll be in my bunk.

    :D Thanks!

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