Transmutation will follow the adventures of Ser Cullen from the first days at Kinloch Hold just before the beginning of Dragon Age: Origins through the harrowing events (if you'll pardon the pun) from which the Warden rescues him and beyond. I haven't yet decided if I am going to continue into the Dragon Age 2 events from his perspective but it seems likely, particularly as I hear he's going to appear in Dragon Age: Inquisition.

For now, I have twenty-two chapters outlined, most of them exploring what happens when Uldred and the mages take over the Circle tower. In Transmutation you'll find an Amell Warden, for that extra frisson when Cullen gets rescued, but she plays only a small part in the story. The focus is on the mages and Templars and what happens between the small groups of survivors in the tower.

I wrote this to explore why Cullen reacts to mages as he does, to attempt to explain his transformation from mild and inoffensive at the beginning of DA:O to rabidly anti-mage at the end and into the beginning of DA2. Along the way I've bumped into some thoughts on why the mages went so crazy and the characters started gaining flesh (and the story mushrooming). Should I choose to continue it, I'll also look at how the events of the second game changed him yet again. For the moment I have no plans for taking on Cullen Stanton Rutherford of Honnleath as he's become for Dragon Age: Inquisition but never say never!

Chapter 1 - First-Day Jitters A little background on Cullen.
Chapter 2 - A Fitting Introduction in which Cullen meets the Warden
Chapter 3 - Everyday Temptations
Chapter 4 - Routine Disruptions in which we hear a bit about a certain, imprisoned mage
Chapter 5 - A Warden and a Worry in which Duncan makes his appearance.
Chapter 6 - A Heart Conscripted The title makes this self-explanatory.
Chapter 7 - Settling Down
Chapter 8 - Nightmares Come True, during which Uldred makes his move.
Chapter 9 - Tenuous Survival where Wynne makes her inauspicious appearance.
Chapter 10 - Searching for Hope
Chapter 11 - Rallying the Troops
Chapter 12 - The Final Straw
Chapter 13 - Divided and Conquered
Chapter 14 - Settling In
Chapter 15 - Stripped of Defenses
Chapter 16 - Lessons Begun
Chapter 17 - Plumbing the Depths
Chapter 18 - Whittled Away
Chapter 19 - Explanations and Secrets
Chapter 20 - An Then There Was One
Chapter 21 - Apprehension and Release
Chapter 22 - Taking a Deep Breath