Prompt Response: Anders in Song

We all know that, in the Dragon Age universe, Anders is not our tortured mage’s real name but a nickname based on his nationality. Whatever the powers-that-be at Bioware decide as far as accents go, the idea that people from the Anderfels have German accents has been bandied about the discussion forum and has stuck in my head as canon. Yet Anders does not have a German accent.

And thus, we come to the Pale Young Gentlemen and their song Fraulein. Despite the song title being a German word you’ll find no accent here, either. That’s rather too tenuous a connection to make this Anders’s theme song for the three years between Act 1 and Act 2, however. The secret lies in the lyrics.

If I could draw, I would make you a pretty picture. But I can't. And so I invite you, if you will, to picture Anders hanging out at The Hanged Man, watching Hawke and Isabela dancing on the tables. He’s been warning Hawke away from himself for a more than a year, now. This song is running through his head. He is, in fact, pining, as the chorus so clearly illustrates. The lyrics for the last verse of the song run thus:

A perfect concentration
An object of elation
Is a fraulein

She flirts without knowing
Affection of a growing
Fool’s smile

Young and unable
Yet king’s upon our table

Brother, see her, drink her milk-white glory

She will turn me down
But then at least know that I’m around
So I pine
For my fraulein.
Honestly, can’t you just see Anders calling Hawke fraulein, now? And, in case you wondered, Justice has his own theme song: Spirits in the Material World. It’s humming that to itself in an effort to recall Anders’s duties to his mind.

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