New Fanfic to Start Next Week

I’m not quite ready to start publishing The Champion’s Side, recounting femHawke’s version of the events of DA2, just yet but I’ve decided that I’m deep enough into it that I really will tell the story. It took me a long time to find the door to this one but I think I’ve finally settled on a plot arc.

In part it was so hard to settle on a Dragon Age 2 story to tell because the game kept taking these horrible left turns every time I thought I knew where I was going. I was blindsided by Anders, stunned by Sebastian’s response to our “romance”, and every time I thought Fenris might be starting to settle down I’d say something nice and he’d start screaming at me.

Isabela lied to me and betrayed me over and over again, Merrill refused to quit slitting her wrists for a mirror I knew would bring no good, and Aveline got mad when I brought her a present. The first two trips through the game were fascinating, yes, but frustrating in the extreme for the writer in me.

That's why I avoided spoilers, so that I could come at them all with fresh eyes. Now I’m on my fourth run and I believe I’ve got a pretty good handle on motivations and characters. Naturally I’m taking this one off into left field a bit, following the general arc of the DA2 story but embellishing it with explanations and conversations that the game lacked. And you already know how I feel about Fenris.

So next Wednesday I’ll start Sideline Wednesday with Chapter 1 of The Champion’s Side. I hope there are some surprises and entertainment in store for everyone. I just have to fix some spelling issues with these names...Petrice? Really? Dang.

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