Dear David Gaider: Thank You

Last week I posted a furious response to the romance arcs with Sebastian and Anders in Dragon Age 2. I was just starting a run in which I would romance Fenris and threatened violence against David Gaider if he wrecked that one as thoroughly as the others had been.

I’d like to officially announce that Mr. Gaider is safe from me, still. He writes my favorite Mass Effect and Dragon Age characters and Fenris is no exception to this rule. I admit that I had my doubts in Act 2, though it was nice of Mr. Gaider to let us deflower another grown man. When Fenris bailed out of my Champion’s bedroom and didn’t mention it again for three years I was pretty miffed at him. But I persevered and ended up with such a lovely, passionate finale for that romance that it swept away all of the disappointment. I hardly even minded executing Anders once again!

The friendlier you are with the lyrium-infused elf the more fun he is to have in your party. And I may be imagining things but I could swear that, as my character was an archer, Fenris spent more time leaping to my defense when I was swarmed in that last act than flying around slashing bandits or darkspawn into bits all over the battlefield. I didn’t set his tactics for that!

I’m going to try a rivalry romance with him next and I’m very curious to see how it goes, particularly if I let Anders live this time.

As a bonus tidbit for those of you who don’t visit the Bioware social boards, the woman who wrote Sebastian has specifically said that our erstwhile prince’s story has not yet finished. I’ll get that boy out of the Chantry yet!

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