Bioware Fails at Romantic Men in DA2...So Far

Is it too much to ask that one of my first two romance attempts in Dragon Age 2 culminate in a happy ending? Here my husband has characters whiling away their time in an Alienage and on a pirate ship, respectively, while my poor ladies have had to execute a lover or agree to a “chaste marriage”. C’mon, now, writers!

I understand Anders. The second time through I saw all of the clues and the hints he dropped. I hate it after how much fun he was in Awakenings but I get it. But Sebastian?! My hot lady Champion can’t lure someone who adores her—and who has been celibate for at least seven years—away from his already-renounced vows?

Actually, that might not have bothered me so much if he hadn’t responded to my direct order to go invade Starkhaven by suggesting that we take vows and live in the Chantry in chaste and beautiful religious love. The conversation gave me whiplash. I kept going back to talk to the Grand Cleric in hopes she would tell him he was an idiot and order him to my bedroom. Then she exploded.

And there went another piece of fanfic down the drain. After almost 10,000 words I had to toss the concept. Yet again the man my champion loves isn’t the one she fooled herself into believing he was and she clearly lacks the feminine wiles that the Warden enjoyed.

I’ve been saving Fenris for last and all I have to say is this: if he turns out to be a eunuch I’m going up to some corporate offices in Canada with a stick.

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