Fanfic Publishing Schedule

Because I have so much already written I’m going to start a schedule for moving the stories here. My first step (tomorrow) will be to institute Thane Thursdays, on which I will publish one chapter from one of my few long and finished stories. Losing started as something else entirely. I’d intended it to be a frothy romance between Shepard and Thane but then, well, it got serious. It took a long time for this one to really get going and much of the last half was hard to write but I quite like how it came together.

I have two other stories underway that are utterly different but may turn out to be vaguely related. The Double is a goofy, sarcastic romp in an Alternate Mass Effect Universe in which double agents have infiltrated the SR-2, fighting to use Cerberus to their own ends.

The Swing of Things takes place while the original Normandy was being built and strives to find a relationship between some of the crew members and explain how they ended up on the ship together. Shepard may make a cameo at the end but it’s written from Kaidan’s point of view.

I have a Dragon Age story, too, though not for Origins. I wrote Frustrations before I had played DA2 and so it’s an exploration of how things may have developed between my female Aeducan and Anders, off-stage. That one is a mere eleven chapters but some of it will be all-new material as I never published the whole thing.

And so I’m instituting Swingin’ Saturdays and Double Mondays, Tidbit Tuesdays, and Frustrating Fridays. Tuesdays will be for the one-shot stories I’ve written for Mass Effect and Dragon Age. I’ll be linking each story to the Stories page linked above as they are published.

I’ve got a start on a FemHawke story, The Champion’s Side, but every time I get to the end of a romance arc with her while playing it ruins what I’ve written. I keep shifting my focus. I’m about to meet Fenris in my third run so we’ll see if he gets to win her heart or if I’m going back to an alternate universe to brighten up this dark chapter in Thedas’ history.

I’ll also be working up a link list to other fantastic authors on the many places you can find fanfic published, both other blogs and writers on and deviantart. Maker knows when that will get ready. All this and Mass Effect 3 still to come? Who could ask for anything more?

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