Tidbit Tuesday: The Commander Takes a Shower, Part 3

NOTE: If you are under 18 or at work or otherwise uncomfortable with somewhat-explicit topics please do NOT read this.

With his eyes still dutifully shut, Kaidan spun and pressed me against the door. He kissed me deeply and suddenly I was glad for the trusty metal because my knees would no longer support me. I rarely thought of myself as a woman, no more than I did as a redhead or as tall. It was just another adjective to help people pick me out of a crowd. With Kaidan, though, I was aware of my body every moment and constantly reminded that those parts had much better uses than inconveniencing me when I was putting on my armor.

Kaidan's hands swept up my sides and I gasped, first with pleasure and then in pain as he encountered the inflamed scar across my ribs. He opened his eyes in concern but I shook my head and gently closed them again. I wanted him to love me as he remembered me, to be that same person. The last thing I was interested in at that moment was his sympathy. I pulled his head back down and kissed him hungrily. With a growl, he moved his hands to my breasts, stroking and tweaking with equal parts passion and tenderness. We were both panting by then. I ran my hands over him but kept encountering wet cloth instead of the skin I so desired to feel.

“Off!” I commanded, tugging at his soaked shirt. The shower had turned it into a clinging mass that resisted my efforts to pull it up his body. He tried to help without stopping our kiss. Between the two of us, we managed to wrestle it off of him. His muscles, as hard and flat as I remembered them, felt so familiar under my hands that I could almost forget our recent history. I wanted to eat him alive or at least to taste every part of him. I rubbed my hands over his strong back and my mouth over his equally-impressive chest.

Kaidan was not shy about returning the favor. He did everything by feel, keeping his eyes closed as I'd asked but tracing my scars with his fingers and his tongue as he found them. We had seen each other wounded before but for a time we'd been there to see the source of each hurt and to help each other recover. Having him find my new scars one by one was like having that same time together to heal. I hugged him tight to me, enjoying how happy he was to see me but again blocked by wet clothes.

As busy as our mouths and hands were, those pants had to go. They may have done wonderful things for his ass as he was walking down the corridor but they had become an obstacle. I unfastened them and pushed them down enough to free Kaidan from his confinement. I closed a hand around him, relishing the feel of the hot skin against my hand and the immediate sound of his appreciation. It wasn't enough, though, so I knelt down, sliding his pants with me. I put my mouth to good use on his conveniently located flesh as I helped him to step out of the sopping things. Droplets covered him at once and I licked them off, covering the important areas thoroughly. Moaning, he grasped my shoulders and urged me to me feet. I took my time getting there, fueled by the increasingly urgent sounds coming from his throat. He opened his eyes and watched me work my way up his body, his every muscle taut under my tongue.

“No peeking,” I chided. “Don't make me blindfold you with your own shirt.”

“You have to stop,” he pleaded as I finally stood. “It's been so long. I don't want to rush this.” But he once again closed his eyes.

He wrapped his arms around me and we stood, calming a bit, letting the water run down our bodies. Our hands wandered over familiar territory, each of us finding new scars and knowing that we would have to talk about them before long. For this brief interlude, though, it was enough to simply be together. When he had himself under control again, Kaidan started a more aggressive exploration. He knew what buttons to push and proceeded to rediscover every one of them. His tongue was hot on my wet belly and his hands busily probed delicate skin. For a time, I leaned back against the door and lost myself in the pleasure of feeling him touch me, of the things that he was doing. Finally, I cried out, only increasing his efforts, but I could no longer be so passive.

“Wait,” I panted. I stepped around him and reached for the soap. As he rose I poured it over his shoulders and rubbed bubbles down his back, sudsing that spectacular ass and sliding my hands between his thighs and down his calves. I slid up his now-slick body and reached around to soap his chest, the ridges of his abs, and every inch of him that I could reach. “You might as well get clean,” I said.

He grabbed my arm and pulled me around him, crushing me against the door, his skin gliding over mine. “You, too,” he said, sliding himself against me, not entering yet but teasing and torturing. He grabbed a handful of my hair and pulled my head back, nibbling his way down my neck while he kept me pinned against the door with his hips. I used the leverage of the door, arching my back to press harder against him, encouraging him to go farther. He lifted me and I wrapped my legs around his waist. Both of us sighed as he finally slid into me and settled my weight to let him get as deep as possible. I was torn between reveling in the feeling and begging him to move, to show me just how much he had missed me.

We stayed there, barely moving for a time, lost in our own world and reconnecting with each other. Slowly, a glow started to build around Kaidan. He was releasing enough power to create a barrier around himself, pushing me away a bit but increasing pressure where it was most important. "I had to wait until I was sure I could control myself," he said. The barrier ebbed and flowed, my skin tingling every place we touched. I leaned back against the door and let the feeling wash over me, watching the glow reflected on the dripping walls, lighting the thick steam in the room.

Kaidan began to move gently. I didn't dare do the same, afraid to break this intimate mood or do something that would make him lose focus. I knew how powerful he was, both physically and biotically, and that he'd never intentionally hurt me. But I also understood that he had been holding his emotions in check for so long, that he'd been remembering and thinking about this the entire time I'd been gone. I wasn't sure it would take much more to trigger a release, despite his best efforts. The control he was exerting, keeping his power so tightly reined, was much more impressive than simply not releasing it at all. I knew that he would have to shut it down completely soon but I intended to enjoy every electric moment while I could. When he kissed me, his tongue in my mouth, I could feel him everywhere and nearly lost control myself. Is this why Asari are so popular as lovers? I thought, as Kaidan filled me again and again.

I couldn't bear the restraint any more. "Please," I whispered, pushing myself against him. With a groan, he dropped the barrier entirely, tamping down his power so that he could respond without endangering me. He lunged, deep and hard, and I dug my nails into his back. We abandoned all caution then, no longer able to hold back our desire. Soon we were making enough noise that I feared they could hear us in Engineering but I wasn't about to worry about that in the midst of this panting, pounding moment. Kaidan held my hips and drove us against the door as I clung to him, my teeth nipping at that delicate skin near the hairline that I knew drove him wild. It seemed to go on forever, building until I thought I might implode. I'm pretty sure I screamed at some point during that wild ride and I know that Kaidan shouted my name amidst all of our mutual encouragement, begging each other for more.

Finally he crushed me against that door, my new best friend, sending me over the edge again and giving in to the release he'd been holding back for so long. "I love you," I murmured into his ear. "I love you," he answered as he gently helped me to get my balance, my feet on firm ground once more.

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