Quizzy: The Inquisition Outreach Program

I know many people hate the “fetch quests” that proliferate across Inquisition. I, however, look at them as the best way my Inquisitor can make a name for herself in Thedas.

The Dragon Age has heroes already—the Hero of Fereldan and the Champion of Kirkwall in the past decade alone. My Inquisitor has to set herself apart somehow. Hawke and the Warden focused on tattered pantaloons and lost knuckle bones delivered without comment. It can be done better!

Thus the Inquisitor sets about delivering flowers to graves, scattering ashes, lighting candles, and feeding the hungry. She doesn’t just bring back a [often quite strange] lost heirloom, she delivers medicine to save lives. She helps the grieving. She gives blankets to the cold.

Okay, she does the occasional lost heirloom, too. Then she clears demons from a graveyard and tells people not to endanger themselves waiting for loved ones that have been killed in the fighting.

Dragon Age: Inquisition gives you a common person with the chance to win the hearts and minds of the elves and humans in two countries. You have a chance to gainsay the prevailing religious organization and change the way half a continent views your race (if you’re not human). The Inquisition is literally a chance to change the world!

For me, the fact that you do makes no sense if you don’t either play as someone who claims to have been sent by Andraste (believing it or playing them for suckers) or the people of Fereldan and Orlais see your Inquisitor out making a difference to the little people and the nobles every day.

As your advisors keep telling you, everyone sees The Inquisitor as a symbol. If you want to be more than that you have to be visible and approachable. That means convincing Varric to write smut, getting drunk with The Iron Bull, and bringing flowers to the grave of some sad elf stuck in Redcliffe.

It also means being the one to hunt meat and bring blankets for the refugees. Not only are you seen lugging them into the Hinterlands but your agents know it’s you who delivered. You didn’t order them sent, you went and got them yourself. That’s some customer service!

When the reputation of my Inquisitor goes from heretical nobody to lauded hero and last bastion of order I’ve bloody well earned it. Instead of lolling about in my throne looking bored, as I do every time I sit on the damned thing, I’m out there helping people.

Should I be smarter than to travel giant-infested areas with only three companions? Of course I should, but that’s a game play device. I do have camps full of back-up and scouts all over southern Thedas, should I need them.

What else do I have to do between balls at the Winter Palace and thwarting my nemesis? There are only so many rifts to be closed, apparently. My advisors have troops to train, letters to write, murder knives to sharpen, and crows to send. The Inquisitor has only demon killing and rift closing to occupy her time. Why not get out of Skyhold once in a while and press the flesh a bit? If only there were babies for her to kiss. [sigh] How can you take political power without kissing babies?

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