Mass Effect 3 Demo: A First Reaction

You know I couldn’t possibly wait more than half an hour to play the Mass Effect 3 demo when it became available. I didn’t. Though the taste whetted my appetite for the game (new abilities! familiar faces!) what it did more than anything was frustrate me.

If you’ve played the demo, you know what I’m talking about. “Do you know Shepard?” “I used to.” Squees became howls of frustration (and let’s not talk about Ashley’s dye job.)

All I can say is that BioWare better have come up with a damned good explanation for why loyal Shep hasn’t been with Kaidan or Ashley between games. “I used to…” I ask you!

And as thrilled as I was to see Wrex back at my side, I know Tali will show up in and even slinkier enviro-suit and I want to know if Thane lived long enough to appear again. What happened to Grunt and can I refuse to recruit the spandex wonder-twins from Cerberus? Will Ken show up and talk about kicking things in the daddybags again (please, please, please)?

The demo did exactly what BioWare intended it to do, which was make me absolutely rabid with anticipation for Mass Effect 3. On that score, good job! I want to see the story of what Mordin is doing with that female Krogan almost as much as I do that first conversation with Kaidan. Well, not even close to almost but I am curious.

But as someone who preordered the first day I could, however, they don’t need to sell it to me. Can’t the folks who already paid get a bigger taste, a better hint? If I have to wait another two-plus weeks I could implode.

Then again, I hate spoilers. I want to come to the story fresh without knowing any of the twists, of the knife or the plot. What I’m really asking for is the game, early. Tomorrow’s good for me, BioWare. Or, you know, in half an hour.

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